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Hanauma Bay Snorkel

Hanauma Bay, just 9 miles from Waikiki on the island of Oahu, is a snorkeler’s paradise. This sparkling crescent-shaped bay is tucked inside an ancient volcanic crater that opens to the vast Pacific Ocean.  It is home to hundreds of colorful fish species,  sea turtles, and a living coral reef with countless underwater passageways to explore. It is a stunning and fascinating aquatic environment unlike any place else on the planet. There are so many fragile and treasured natural resources in Hanauma Bay that it is protected as a nature reserve and a Marine Life Conservation District. You won’t want to miss this amazing marine environment during your trip to Hawaii.

Our affordable snorkel tours include: Hotel pick-up and return, New air-conditioned vans, Professional drivers, Sanitized professional equipment (snorkel, fins and mask), Instructions on equipment use, Snorkeling safety tips, Guidelines on how to be an environmentally friendly snorkeler, Ocean coastline excursion, Convenient schedule with morning and afternoon departures and returns.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the underwater world at Oahu’s prime snorkeling destination
  • See hundreds of colorful tropical fish and other marine life
  • Learn more about Hawaii’s marine life at Hanauma Bay’s information booths and educational displays

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $7.50 charge per person over the age of 12 into Hanauma Bay Park. Please bring this amount with you. It is paid directly to the Park. 
Hanauma Bay is offering a special where there is no entrance fee from 6:00 am to 9:30 am (this special is subject to change without notice).

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Hanauma Bay Snorkel - Hawaii DiscountInformational Displays
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Where and When:
You may select any of three options:
(1) Pick-up from Waikiki at 7:15 am and pick-up from Hanauma Bay at 12:00 pm.
(2) Pick-up from Waikiki at 8:45 am and pick-up from Hanauma Bay at 1:30 pm.
(3) Pick-up from Waikiki at 10:15 am and pick up from Hanauma Bay at 3:00 pm.
Special from May 1st to Aug 31st: Pick up from Waikiki at 6:00 am and pick up from Hanauma Bay at 9:30 am.

Please look for a white van. Call 808-306-3393 if the van has not arrived within 10 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time.

The drive from Waikiki to Hanauma Bay takes about 25 minutes. Transfer into the park is only 8 people at a time. You may have to wait your turn to enter. Once inside you will have to wait to be assigned a video time. After the 15 minute video you will be able to snorkel. Your entry time may be about an hour after your pick-up time.
There is a steep but paved access road that everyone must walk up and down for 5 minutes to get to the bay.
Parties of 8 or more please be aware only 8 people can be transferred into the park at one time. If you have more people, some will be required to wait outside the gates.
Special Notes:
Lockers are available for rent.
Small Lockers are $8.00
Large Lockers are $10.00
Above rates subject to change without notice.
Operation Days:
Open daily except Tuesdays
Maximum time at the bay is 4 hours
Hanauma Bay Snorkel
Sanitized snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and fins) are provided.
  Hanauma Bay Snorkel  Snorkel Hanauma Bay.
Total : $0.00


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