Oahu Island Tours

Oahu is nicknamed the ‘Gathering Place’ of Hawaii. It truly is the converging point for so many diverse peoples and is a super cell of world cultures. Even has places centered as a mixing pot of different foods and shops unique only to Hawaii. Plus one of the best things about Oahu is the easy nature of visiting as a tourist. The hub of Waikiki features a plethora of hotels and tour agencies that sometimes its very hard to find the best deals. Well check out Oahu Discount for great discounts on tours and activities.

One of the most amazing things that can be done on the island is to take a helicopter ride. You get views of lush rainforest mountains and seaside cliffs. Another amazing activity is visiting Sea Life Park to swim up close and personal with dolphins. There’s booking available for submarines or snorkel cruises for underwater adventures. Maybe check out sightseeing tours around the island or venture out to Pearl Harbor and learn some U.S. history.

Although the islands were still not united, this battle was the peak of King Kamehameha's crusade and is referred to as the Kingdom of Hawaii. First he had to put down an uprising on the Big Island, and then he began his planning for the overthrow of Kauai. However, before this battle could be fought the king of Kauai submitted to Kamehameha. King Kaumualii gave him effective control over the Hawaiian Islands but King Kamehameha never conquered Kauai.