Oahu Surfing Lessons 

Oahu Surfing Lessons and Surfboard Rentals.jpgWelcome to Oahu time to surf man! Surf Lessons in Oahu are so extraordinary!  Surfing Schools in Oahu are break taking and exciting Oahu Surfing Schools has the best instructors anywhere!  Waikiki Surf Lessons are easy to learn. Oahu Activities will set you free! Let Oahu discount plan your surf ride today!

Hans Hedemann Surf School - Surfing in Waikiki Group Lesson
From: $70.00
You save: $8.53

Learn how to surf right on Waikiki Beach! This is a fun 2-hour group lesson that will get you up and riding in no time.

Surfing with Hans Hedemann
From: $238.52
You save: $23.26

Learn surfing with a surf expert! Hans is known and trusted as a friend and surf guide for famous Hollywood stars.

Hans Hedemann Surf School - North Shore Tour
From: $143.30
You save: $13.76

Take a surf lesson on Oahu's North Shore - a great experience for surfers of all skill levels.

Hans Hedemann Surf School - 2 Hour Private Lesson
From: $143.30
You save: $13.77

Enjoy a private surf lesson at either Waikiki Beach or Oahu's North Shore.

Hans Hedemann Surf School - 2 Hour Private Lesson
From: $70.26
You save: $8.27

Learn proper paddling technique, maneuvering over waves and positioning to stand up and ride your first wave on Oahu's North Shore.

  Hans Hedemann Surf School  Hans Hedemann Professional Surfer and Hawaiian Waterman and a team of Lifeguard and CPR trained instructors dedicated to an enriched Hawaiian Surfing experience, provide a great adventure for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Surfer. Offering