Oahu Sailing

Oahu Sailing.jpgLooking for beautiful, fun Oahu Tours when on your Oahu Vacation?  Thought about Oahu Sailing Charters, Mai Tai Catamaran Waikiki or Mai Tai Catamaran Oahu?  Oahu Sunset Sailing Tours are perfect for families as well as couples!  While on these Oahu Sailing Tours, take a moment and enjoy the breathtaking sunset from your seat on one of the Oahu Sailing Charters and Oahu Sailing Tours.  Oahu Tours will have you comfortably floating on the Pacific Ocean. When looking for the best in Oahu Sailing, look no further than Oahudiscount.com!  Oahu Sailing Charters is the answer for your Oahu Vacation and Oahu Tours!

Popular Oahu Sailing Tours

North Shore Catamaran - Sunset Sail
From: $58.50
You save: $6.13

Come aboard the Ho'o Nanea catamaran and enjoy a sail along Oahu's scenic North Shore. Relax in the warm evening sun and watch the spectacular scenery as the sun sets.

Maita'i Catamaran - Tradewinds Sail
From: $30.68
You save: $3.32

Come on board the Maita'i, a state-of-the-art catamaran for a fun sail along Waikiki Beach.

Maita'i Catamaran - Sunset Mai Tai Sail
From: $38.80
You save: $6.13

Sit back and enjoy Oahu's beauty as you experience a beautiful Waikiki sunset. Complimentary beverages include Mai Tais, beer, wine, champagne, juices and soft drinks.

Maita'i Catamaran - Mahina Moonlight Sail
From: $38.80
You save: $6.20

Shimmering water and twinkling lights make up the scenery as you glide across the deep blue sea with mahina (Hawaiian for "moon") guiding the way.

  North Shore Catamaran  North Shore Catamaran
  Maitai Catamaran Snorkeling  On this two-hour sail, we really go overboard. No, really. We sail out to Waikiki's best diving spots and let you jump in and explore the reef. There, you'll make even more friends. (This time, mostly of the gilled variety.) You'll see parrot fi