Oahu Horseback Riding

Oahu Horseback Riding Tours.jpgHorseback Riding in Oahu is fun and exhilarating!  Honolulu Horseback Tours and Oahu Horseback Tours are one of the best Oahu Activities. Oahu Horseback Rides at the Kualoa Ranch are waiting for you! Honolulu Horseback Tours and Oahu Horseback Tours are impressive events!  Kualoa Ranch is a beautiful sight for all to see so be sure to go Horseback riding in Oahu. Oahu Activities and Oahudiscount.com are calling you now. 

Oahu Horseback Tours and Oahu Horseback Rides are one of the many Oahu activities offered through Oahudiscount.com.  You are given two selections of Oahu Horseback Rides; both let you enjoy the peace and solitude of Kualoa Ranch from the saddle. Choose either Horseback Riding in Oahu or Honolulu Horseback Tours to make the most of your Oahu Horseback Rides experience!  Just remember to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the Oahu Horseback Tours and the Honolulu Horseback Tours when Horseback Riding in Oahu since it will be most memorable of all Oahu Activities.

There are options for the Oahu Horseback Tours- the first choice in Kualoa Ranch horseback riding gives you a one hour ride through the southern half of the ranch. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see the famous “Chinaman's Hat" Mokoli'i Island, meander around an 800 year old fishing pond and enjoy the surrounding beautiful vistas of Oahu.

The second choice in your horseback riding experience gives you a two hour horseback riding tour of the deeper part of the northern point of Kualoa Ranch. During this tour, you get the chance to ride past World War II bunkers and Ka'a'awa Valley while being surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Keiki Horseback Rides for Children is the best! Children 2-7 years old or those unable to ride by they will enjoy our 20-minute "pony walk." Our staff will lead your choice of a horse or pony. Parent can walk along to take pictures. Gunstock Ranch is located at 56-250 Kamehameha Highway in Laie town. Check in 30 minutes prior to scheduled ride time.

Try an afternoon scenic horseback ride. The 90-minute Afternoon Scenic Ride takes you through the majestic natural beauty of the Ko’olau mountains above Laie with a view of the Windward coastline.  Gunstock Ranch offers some of Hawaii's finest horseback riding trails. The duration of the riding is 90 minutes. The days are Monday through Saturday. All riders must be 7 years of age with height of 4 feet 4 inches. Weight limit is 225 pounds. Running or Trotting of the horses is not allowed. Guides will adjust the ride to keep everyone together. Parents and Guardians must sign for Minor children 7-17 years of age. Please limit your items to your pocket or fanny pack we do not have lockers or storage for valuables. Video Cameras and Cell phones can cause horses to “spook” please do not carry them on the trail rides. Gunstock Ranch is located at 56-250 Kamehameha Highway in Laie town. Check in 30 minutes prior to scheduled ride time. Eat some breakfast and go for a morning horseback ride. The morning horseback ride is a 90-minute guided ride through the majestic natural beauty of the Koolau mountains above Laie.  Gunstock Ranch offers some of Hawaii's finest horseback riding trails. Enjoy views of the Windward coastline.  This ride takes place during the cooler morning hours when the day is beginning to warm and birds sing.

 Horseback Riding in Oahu is very enjoyable.  Honolulu Horseback Tours are pleasing and pleasant. Oahu Horseback Rides are something you can’t miss!  Oahu Horseback Tours takes you to a delightful scenery including the nice Kualoa Ranch. Oahu Activities welcomes all too gratifying times! So reward yourself with travel through Oahudiscount.com.

Choose from Oahu Horseback Riding Tours at Kualoa Ranch. These Oahu Horseback Riding Activities and Adventures are offered at at discount with Oahudiscount.com

  Gunstock Ranch  Gunstock Ranch
  Kualoa Ranch  Horseback riding is just one of the unforgettable activities you can enjoy at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa's horseback rides combine that special bond with horses with the most spectacular scenery on Oahu. On horseback, riders take different trails