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Atlantis Submarines - Standard & Premium Submarine Tour

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Climb aboard Atlantis Submarine Tours. You will descend to more than 100 feet below the surface to get an eyeful of real marine life up close.  View colorful tropical fish, turtles and bright corals. You might also spot a whale or dolphin.  The audio headset narration will tell you about the the coral, reef life and submersibles as you visit various downed airplanes, shipwrecks, and artificial reefs. If you haven't been to the bottom of the ocean before, this tour is a must-do!

Welcome onboard one of the most popular of all Hawaii activities - Atlantis submarine tours! Right in the action of Waikiki, This tour includes:

A 90-minute tour
45 minutes underwater
A fun 20-minute ride on our shuttle boat, both ways
Excellent views - every seat is a front row seat!
Plenty of sea life, including tropical fish, turtles, and corals
A close look at the bottom of the sea 
Audio headset narration in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
Free transportation to and from Waikiki area hotels


  • Board the Atlantis shuttle Discovery at the Hilton Hawaiian Village pier in Waikiki
  • 20 Minute ride to dive site off Waikiki Beach 
  • Board your 48-passenger submarine at the dive site
  • At 75 feet deep you'll see the Pyramids -- the University of Hawaii's artificial reef project which established a safe breeding ground for tropical fish 
  • Pass the the Pali O Pono natural coral reef, formed on an ancient lava flow (80 feet deep)
  • Observe Japanese designed and built artificial reefs, which are now home to a variety of marine life (85 feet deep)
  • View remnants of two planes as you reach the deepest part of the tour (110 feet deep)
  • Back at 75 feet see the tanker YO-257, sunk in 1989, and the Korean fishing vessel St. Pedro, sunk in 1996
  • Surface! The submarine is cleared to surface, where you will board the Discovery for a scenic ride back to Waikiki  

Atlantis Submarines 48 Passenger Waikiki

The Standard Adventure Tour (48 Passenger Sub) - Enjoy comfortable seating, a spacious air-conditioned interior and large view ports. The Standard Atlantis Submarine Tour dives take place aboard the high-tech 48-passenger submarine, as featured in a variety of National Geographic television specials.  Descend 100 feet below the Pacific Ocean of Oahu Hawaii as you learn about coral, reef life and submersibles while visiting our sunken shipwrecks, airplane and other artificial reefs.

Premium Atlantis Submarines 64 Passenger Tour

The Atlantis Premium Submarine Tour dives take place on the 64-passenger submarine, Atlantis XIV.  The Atlantis XIV is one of the world's largest hi-tech passenger submarines. This submarine offers large amount of personal space and big viewports (compared with other Atlantis subs). Viewports aboard the premium submarine tour are 27% larger than the other smaller submarines operated by Atlantis Adventures. A complimentary Atlantis Souvenir Dive Log with gift shop specials is included. 

The 10:00 am Standard Submarine Tours feature a live Japanese narration.

The 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm Standard Submarine Tours feature a live English narration.

The 10 am Premium Submarine Tour features live Japanese narration.*

The 9am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm Premium Submarine Tour features live English narration.* - See more at:

*Each passenger will have the option of listening to a pre-recorded narration via their own personal headset - available in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and English.

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Where and When:
Atlantis Submarine tours depart on the hour daily from 8 am weather permitting.
Check-in is 30 minutes prior to your tour time at the Hilton Pier located in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Ali'i Tower. (Parking fee: $10 discounted price available for purchase at the Atlantis Kiosk)
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Total tour time from the Hilton pier is approximately 90 minutes. Actual underwater tour time is 45 minutes. Shuttle boat ride, from the pier to the submarine plus transfer, is 20 minutes each way.
Children must be a minimum of 36" (90 cm) in height to ride the submarine.
Each guest is required to independently navigate a nearly vertical 7-step ladder into and out of the submarine.
If prone to getting seasick, we recommend taking precautions the day before the tour as well as the day of the tour.
Special Notes:
Audio headset narrations available in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Food and beverages will not be provided on this tour.
Operation Days:
1.5 hours
Atlantis Submarine Tours
48 passenger submarine: Air-conditioned and Coast Guard approved, 65 feet in length, 20-inch diameter viewport Spacious interior with large view ports and comfortable seating
64 passenger premium sub: Air-conditioned and Coast Guard approved, 100 feet in length, 65% greater viewport area compared to the smaller submarine, Enhanced personal space (individual seats complete with seat-backs compared to the bench-style seating on the smaller submarine), Every seat is a front row seat!
  Atlantis Submarine Tours  Tour the rich, vibrant oceans in style on an Atlantis Submarine adventure.
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